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Pisanki are intricately decorated Easter eggs which have been part of the Slavic tradition for centuries.  The oldest example of a pisanka in the Polish region was found in Ostrówek and is believed to be 900 years old.  Even prior to the arrival of Christianity, the egg had long been a symbol of fertility and spring, which brings new life into the world.  In the context of Christianity, the Easter egg became synonymous with the hope and faith in Jesus Christ through his resurrection. 

Pisanki are decorated through different means, and various techniques have been employed throughout the Slavic tradition.  The oldest examples had been covered in wax which was then carved to create a design, and later dipped in a dye made from onion peels.  Different modes of decoration have yielded a variety of Easter egg art.  Beets, flower petals, oak bark, and rye are employed to create colors when making kraszanki.  Drapanki are decorated through careful etching into the the surface of a dyed egg shell, and pisanki are artfully hand-painted into various Slavic motifs.  Creating naklejanki involves gluing scraps of paper, flower petals, and other decorative materials to the eggshell, while oklejanki are adorned with bulrush pith or yarn.  Probably the most intricate and time-consuming are pisanki ażurowe, or wydmuszki.  Raw eggs are emptied of their contents through a carefully created opening, while preserving the shape of the egg.  The shell is then decorated by drilling very small holes in the surface to create a lace-like look. 

In the past pisanki were strictly a tradition cultivated by women, and men were not allowed inside the house during the process as it was believed they had the power to cast a spell on the eggs and cause bad luck. 

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I have just watched a couple of gay movies these last few days I’ve been down in an attempt to cheer myself up and all of them included dead people…. all of the dead people somehow connecting to a character coming out or being outed as gay. I wish there were more normal movies about us, movies where we can see ourselves actually living, not just surviving, I need some kind of escapism since it seems like I am never going to be able to afford to leave Balkan and live. 

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How to color eggs with onion shells.




This must be the most beautiful DIY tutorial I have ever seen. And it so happens to be in style of this weekend. Found on Ulicam, a very nice blog by Ulrika Kestere, photographer and illustrator. For the whole tutorial and lot’s of inspiration, click here.

what is this amateur bullshit, everyone knows you put the eggs in used stockings first and then cook them in onion shells, not wrap them up individually like a sociopath

this offends me as a Slav and a lazy person

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What I Mean When I Say I’m Sex Negative

  • that sex positive feminism has little room for survivors of assault
  • that sex positive feminism has little interest in helping people who don’t want their sex-life to be a coping mechanism from trauma
  • that sex positive feminism prioritizes individual pleasure over critical thinking skills
  • that sex positive feminism should be critiqued!
  • that not all “kinks” are okay 
  • that people are allowed to not be interested in hearing about your sex life
  • that people are allowed to not enjoy sex
  • that people are allowed to be scared of sex
  • that no one needs to have or enjoy sex to prove how empowered they are

What I Don’t Mean

  • I’m going to yell at individual adults who have consensual sex.
  • I’m anti-sex
  • I’m anti-kink
  • I’m against coping mechanisms and survival

To add a few of my own as a sex negative sex worker:

  • that sex positive feminism tends to glorify sex work and in doing so silences sex workers when we speak out about the problems with sex work that sex posi feminists don’t talk about
  • sex posi feminism perpetuates seemingly good stereotypes about sex work but ends up harming sex workers
  • sex posi feminism prioritizes aspects of sex work that are supposed to be the “better” parts of it without understanding outside oppressive forces (see: having orgasms at work is great!)
  • sex posi feminism tends to ignore outside oppressive forces in general like racism, transphobia, classism, etc. 

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Страдање Старка Ненада

Мили бложе чуда великога
Кад погибе деб’о краљ Роберте
У далекој земљи Вестеросу
Вестеросу, земљи да преврне
И да Варис нема сполоивла.
Краљ Роберте им’о помоћника
Што’но га је за живота вол’о
И што му је вазда добар био
У мегдану, ићу и у пићу
Једини му мог’о једнак бити.
То је главом ефенди-Нед Старче
Препоштени а и племенити
Чувар једног од седам санџака
Што их има велик Вестеросе.
Старк је Неде наум наумио
Да свог брата, рахметли-Роберта
Освијети и име осветла,
Светло име куће Баратеон.
Ал’ је Старче грешку начинио
Што верова Малопрстић-аги
Који зеру поштења немаше
И меркаше Старкову хануму
Још ономад кад су дјеца били.
Издаде га Малопрстић клети
И пред судом и пред боговима.
Краљ копиле, Џофри-проклетниче
Уби доброг Неда Старка агу
Прогласи га кривим за издајство
Свог севера и свију санџака
Те му главу часну и поштену
Узе лично џелат Илин Пејне
Што служише краља свакојаког
Ал’никада ‘вако наопаког
Какав беше Џофри-проклетниче.
Ал’се диже кука и мотика!
Робу Старче ситно писмо пише
Свом Северу и свим вазалима
Да поведу своје војске љуте
Сви заједно под једним барјаком
Те да јашу пут Краљеве Луке
Што би легло зверства и издајства
Где погибе поштени Нед Старче.
Када су се скупили вазали
На широком пољу покрај замка
Зимоврела куће становите
Ту устаде млади Робе Старче
И упути речи свој братији
Штоно су се тамо окупили.
Њима Старче ‘вако беседио:
"Ој јунаци суровог Севера.
Велика се почини неправда
Над народом овога санџака
Над кућама вашим препоштеним
И над мојом кућом становитом.
Мој је отац добри Неде Старче
За истином главу изгубио
Одсече је краљ Џофри-копилан
Што му мајка са стрицем лежала
Те су њега грдног начинили.
Ој јунаци суровог севера
Хоћете ли појахати са мном
Право друмом у Краљеву Луку
Да то гнездо змијско разбијемо
И да лажног краља убијемо
И све друге што му помогоше
У своме шејтанском науму?”
Сви јунаци у глас се сложише
Разлеже се бука преголема
Што се чула далеко до Хриди
Све до Хриди и до Брзоречја,
Задрхтао и јунак и камен.
Пође војска љутих Северњака
Да освети рахметли-Нед Старка
Да убије грдног краљ-Џофрија
И ефенди Малога Прстића
Што изгледа импотентан беше
И Серсеи курвину краљицу
Што изроди поганога краља
И брата јој, љутога јунака
Главом јунак Џејми Ланистере
Што мегдана изгубио није,
И оца им Ланистер Тивина
Штоно злато под гузицом има
И Келгани братију јуначку
Што зулуме многе починише
Али не и Ланистер Патуљка
Јер он беше у кукољу жито.
Креће тако љута друмом војска
Да бије многијех мегдана
Док не дође до Краљеве Луке
Где ће Неда Старка осветити.

Стефан Илић

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When researchers at the University of Toronto and the University of Washington observed young people’s behavior in bars, they found that the man’s aggressiveness didn’t match his level of intoxication. There was no relationship.

Instead, men targeted women who were intoxicated.

NPR: If He’s Sexually Aggressive in Bars, It’s Not Because He’s Drunk (via glorious—headfuck)

Imagine that

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I’m so shocked.

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